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The Milkshakes for Marleigh Podcast

The Survival Stories

of blood product recipients

Across three seasons, The Milkshakes for Marleigh Podcast has told the stories of over 70 people who have needed blood (and breastmilk in Season One). This Australian-made, internationally acclaimed, award-winning podcast is the only one of its kind and is downloaded all over the world, encouraging blood donation on a global scale. You can find the Milkshakes for Marleigh podcast on your favourite podcast platform

Kate Fisher is the host and producer of The Milkshakes for Marleigh Podcast. She has curated it in documentary style, stand-alone episodes meaning that listeners can start with any episode that piques their interest. The hope is that listening to that one episode will be enough to encourage a listener to book a blood donation and if the listener has previously donated blood, they can wonder if they were the one who improved the quality, saved or prolonged the life of the guest on each episode.

The podcast episodes focus is not the injury of illness that requires the use of blood transfusion, but rather the incredible things that recipients go on to do with their lives after receiving the blood. This can be anything from personal or professional achievements, to community contributions or volunteer activities. For example, this could be achieving an education or a career milestone; volunteer or community contributions; graduating from a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit as a premature baby; representing your country as an athlete or maybe having children that would never have even existed had your life not been saved by Australian blood donors. This focus results in inspirational and uplifting episodes that focus on the best of humanity.

70 stories over 3 Seasons

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@milkshakes_for_marleigh wins @thewomenchangingtheworld Impact Award for Non-Profit of the year! 

This award recognises the incredible impact of the Milkshakes for Marleigh blood donation advocacy movement! 

More details to follow! 

#wcwawards24 #milkshakesformarleigh
Today we add @j_corden to the @milkshakes_for_marleigh community! We had a brilliant chat today about podcasting and he was thrilled to be gifted a copy of The Milkshakes for Marleigh Book after his talk on behalf of @siriusxm . 

I had the opportunity to share the Milkshakes for Marleigh podcast today with some of the biggest global podcasting platforms and it reinforced so much of what I keep saying about blood donation: 

“Everyone agrees that blood donation is a good and important thing to do but they also assume that everyone else is doing it and they don’t need to”

I have no idea what the outcome of the chats I had today will be, but know that I engaged with people from all over the world about the importance of blood donation. I am so proud of @milkshakes_for_marleigh! 

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Available in bookstores June 2024

Extraordinary tales of survival 

thanks to Australian blood donors

In 2024, Kate published her first book called Milkshakes for Marleigh which tells extraordinary tales of survival thanks to Australian blood donors. Like the podcast, the concept of the book is that if you have ever been a blood donor, you can read a story in the book and wonder if you were the blood donor who saved their life? 

It is her most recent tool in her blood donation advocacy and will be available in all good bookstores in June 2024.